What is the Paleo Diet and how can it help you?

Thank you for visiting the Paleo Trails website! Our goal is simple and straightforward: if you have been struggling with diet and health challenges for any length of time and if you are looking for an alternative to conventional/allopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals, Paleo Trails will help you find long-term, sustainable and healthy solutions.

Through diet and lifestyle you can achieve your health and wellness goals.

Adopting a new Lifestyle and why it is important:

Let's face it: everyone's context is different! Different jobs, cultures, stress levels, and different access to resources. Information on a deeply personal subject like individual lifestyle only has value if it is developed in a community setting.

Our hope and purpose is to provide readers, like you, with resources and information to enable healthier lifestyle choices that will yield a long-lasting and meaningful change to your life.


Paleo Trails Is All About YOU!

Not Just Another Paleo Website

When we first envisioned this site, we wanted to create a site that was all about YOU -- not about us and our content.

Sure, having good content and curators is important, but Paleo is a lifestyle that involves teamwork and feedback from the community. That means that it will work different for you than for others, depending on your context -- your job, your health,  your culture and more.

Paleo Trails therefore, will only succeed if it is built around a community of people just like YOU!



Meet the couple behind Paleo Trails

Not Your Average Paleo Enthusiasts

Our founders come from diverse backgrounds with vastly different ethnic and cultural experiences that laid the foundation for Paleo Trails. Together they transformed their diet and lifestyle. Through trail running, traveling and personalized healing journeys, they have learned how reduce their stress and find true happiness in their life together.


The Paleo Path, thinking of it as a system is key to our success!



The Paleo Lifestyle is about more than just food. It is about seeking true health on a deeper level by enhancing our lifestyle through sleep & stress management, a clean beauty routine, connecting with others through long-lasting relationships and developing our individual path towards Food Freedom.

Eating Paleo focuses on increasing the nutrient-density of your diet through consuming high-quality foods like grass-fed and pasture-raised meat, wild-caught seafood and organic produce. It is a lifestyle seeking to improve overall health, which encourages you to find the balance that works for you, a balance that enables you to be happy as well as healthy!

Inform, Collaborate, Nourish, Rest, Breath, Move & Connect. 

Each new phase on our healing journey is intertwined and a direct result of the outcomes from previous decisions.

Trail running is more than a form of exercise - it's an escape from the chaos and stress that we know as life. Whether your an avid runner, heavy lifter or neither, trail running can change your perspective and allow for a clearer vision of your health journey.

Who doesn't love to travel!? Traveling the world to exotic locations or in our home country will expose you to new cultures, traditions and ways of thinking.

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