Which Foods Are Eliminated?

The eliminated foods in a Paleo diet are ones that contain very little nutrition and are difficult to digest because this may lead to the simulation of inflammation or negatively affect important hormones. This could cause much distress and infertility as well.

Generally, a Paleo diet excludes:

  • grains and pseudograins

  • legumes (legumes with edible pods like green beans are allowed)

  • dairy ( pasteurized industrially-produced)

  • refined and processed foods (including refined seed oils like all vegetable oils, refined sugars, and chemical additives, emulsifiers and preservatives)

For many people, eggs, nuts/seeds, nightshades, coffee & alcohol could potentially cause additional  challenges and may need to be avoided for a limited amount of time. In this case, the Autoimmune Protocol may be helpful. See Autoimmune Protocol.

“Shades of Paleo” is a term used when some people choose to embark on an elimination phase and find they were able to reincorporate the items they chose to eliminate. Two very common examples are white rice and/or grass-fed dairy.

I chose to cut them out completely for a few weeks and then reintroduce one at a time and see how I felt but I have yet to successfully reintroduce either ingredient.