Aubrey’s Health Journey – Part I

My health journey dates back to my childhood, growing up with eczema. Most of the time it was contained, under control and never spread beyond small patches on my arms and legs. I’ve used all different types of hydro cortisone creams and always followed the Dr.’s orders especially when my skin would flare during a change of the seasons. My teenage years were a bit more difficult (as it would be for anyone) because I suffered from mild-acne on the face and body combined with eczema that spread to my face and scalp. I also started taking birth control pills at age 15 because my acne was so unbearable and embarrassing. Still, I thought everything was “under control.”

Fast forward to the first half of my 20’s where I worked extremely hard as an Event Planner, obtained my Bachelor’s Degree along the way, got my heart broken a handful of times by some real jerks and partied 10x as hard just to “keep up with the Jones’s.”  I could feel the toll that this lifestyle was taking on my body yet I chose to ignore the obvious signs that were directly in front of my eyes. I was experiencing more eczema flares and depending way too much on alcohol to escape the pressure and stress of daily life.

By the time I was 25 years old, I had enough of this lifestyle focused around partying, drinking, pointless friendships/relationships and I decided to completely change my life for the better. I quit drinking, became a vegetarian and started trail-running all at the flip of a switch. This was my way of life for the next 2 years and it was incredible! I felt healthier than ever before physically, emotionally and mentally. I felt untouchable! However, this was just another version of living my life in the fast lane because I started running extremely long distances without properly training my body and I became the unhealthiest vegetarian on the planet! All I ate was junk food as long as there was no meat in it, big mistake!

At age 27, I met the man of my dreams and best friend that any one could ever ask for, I truly mean this with my whole heart. Steve and I were dating for 8 months before I really began suffering from serious health issues in November of 2015 and he has been the main reason that I have been able to continue fighting onward. He and I have been through sickness, health, richer, poorer and we are not even ENGAGED!