Stress: Reframe Your Perspective

stress release


I am not entirely sure how to begin writing this article but I am just going to start. I never really knew or understood what stress was until it was staring back at me in the mirror. Yes, HIVES! It was all over my body from head-to-toe and the worst was on my face. Clearly this was my body’s way of telling me that I was beyond exhausted and burnt out but from what? My job? Running? Partying? The thing that I did not understand was why this was happening if I ate ” healthy” diet, “exercised” regularly, did not “drink” alcohol that often and had a “regular” sleep cycle. I added the quotation marks to “healthy, exercise, drink and regular” because even though I thought that I was treating my body well, my body completely disagreed with me. I was the unhealthiest vegetarian who overexercised every week while binge drinking and staying up super late on the weekends. Yeah, some healthy lifestyle that was and it sure caught up with me at the ripe old age of 27. Gosh, 27 feels so long ago and I am only 30….

Sometimes it is easier to allow that overwhelming feeling of stress & anxiety to take over our minds rather than try to understand why we are worked up in the first place. Let us take a step back and look at this from a different perspective, what if you tried to embrace the negative emotions that come with stress and anxiety?

  • Instead of bitching and moaning about your day-job, be grateful that you have this opportunity that provides a steady paycheck each month for you to live. If you truly hate your job or it is taking a toll on your health, it might be time to find a new role, my friend.
  • Instead of avoiding that annoying relative, be grateful that you have that they love you enough to want to be all up in yo’ biz, no matter how irritating they may seem. If they are just being rude, then it is time for you to have an honest heart-to-heart with that individual.
  • No matter how tired you may be after a long work day, be grateful that your sweetheart wants/tries to make love with you multiple times per week. Seriously, sex is a wonderful way to release stress.
  • Instead of looking at your life as a chaotic disaster, be grateful that you are healthy & vibrant enough to have so much activity going on.
  • Instead of complaining about what obligations you have coming up, be grateful for waking up today and embrace this fresh start!

Let’s take a brief moment to talk about the laws of attraction. I first learned about this when I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and it taught me that I can have anything I want in life as long as I have a clear vision of what my heart truly desires. Enter: Steven Humphrey, haha!!!

For real, though, I have this beautiful vision of owning my own brand called Paleo Trails that will flourish as a website, vlog travel channel and more. It will become so successful and branch into even more smaller business in other industries. I will let you guys know how everything turns out for my dream business (wink wink).

Truth be told, I got to a point where I was sick of being…..SICK!!! I was pissed off at myself & the world for so damn long that I forgot who I was and the path that I was on in life. I forgot that I was brought into this world for a purpose and that others depended on me. Literally, I woke up one day and realized that I did not like who I was or the atmosphere around me, so I changed it. I started slowly by appreciating this whole foods diet that I was embracing and I learned everything I could about living a balanced lifestyle, I am still learning. I started saying “yes” to social gatherings. I got a new job. I planned exotic vacations and took sick days without feeling guilty. I focused on mental health and clarity. I had to learn how to love myself again, whole heartedly!

I may not be able to control the actions of others or the annoying things that happen in daily life. Hell, I don’t even have control over my own physical body from time-to-time. I do, however, have control over my choices and how I react during stressful situations. I am allowing myself to dream about the life and future that I want to live. I am allowing myself to love the way that I want to love. I am allowing my happiness to take the lead once more.

This is how you, too, can reframe your perspective towards stress, anxiety and your entire life.