Voyage Hairsmoothie Mask Review

I discovered Voyage Hair Spa completely by accident while researching non-toxic beauty products and was very intrigued by the ingredients. They only use organic fruits and essential oil extracts from different parts of the world which is what inspires the name for each individual product, how cool is that?!?!? I completely support Voyage Hair Spa because they do not use any synthetic fragrances, preservatives, additives or harmful chemicals in their products which is totally awesome for someone like me who suffers from severe eczema and other various skin related issues. Everything is these products are 100% organic and non-toxic!

My first experience was with the Tulum Re-growth Hairsmoothie Mask and I was hooked after just one use. Crafted with fresh avocado, coconut & jobojba oil to promote hair growth and repair the damage from this blazing summer sun. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

I also tried their Cartagena Hairsmoothie Mask and this is equally incredible! This was an additional bonus product that they sent me for free and it is absolutely luxurious. Made with organic papaya, banana, strawberry, honey, rose water, coconut and rose oil. I love this product as much as Tulum. Both make my hair feel so clean and soft after every use but be sure to follow their instructions close and shampoo your hair 2x at the roots to get all of the excess oil out. I like to let my hair dry naturally after each shower and it always feels so clean and smooth.


To use either product:

Shake hairsmoothie to even out consistency of the product

Detangle and apply to damp hair from roots to end

Massage gently into scalp for 2-3 minutes

Cover hair with a plastic hair wrap or just pin up with a clip

Let sit for 30-minutes

Shampoo hair 2x at roots to remove excess oils and condition hair as normal


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