Sugaring: The Best Option for Hair Removal

Hey Friends!

I was turned on to Sugaring from another blogger and OH MY GOSH was it AAHHH–MAZING!!! I have always been a huge advocate of using wax as a technique for hair removal instead of shaving or lasering but sugaring is so wonderful and it is 100% organic, YES!

Sugaring dates back to the times of ancient Egypt as a way of removing unwanted hair from the body. Many women, including Cleopatra, would combine sugar, water and lemon together to form a paste and layer it on top of the unwanted hair. Them, they would apply a cloth strip and remove the strip in the direction of hair growth once the paste was cool enough. Although it is making a come back in modern society, there are thousands of generations before ours that considered this to be the most effective, safe and clean way of removing unwanted hair.

There are so many theories and stories circulating around the internet suggesting that women have only been removing hair from their legs for the last century (more or less) however, that may only be true for the Western World. It is a fact that the removal of body hair for American & European women was not very popular. However, in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair was incredibly important and seen as a must-have for the best hygiene. Most of the hair on women’s bodies would be removed except for their eye brows and even having “sprouts” down under was considered uncivilized by most Egyptian, Greek, and Middle Eastern standards.

After conducting more research on my own, I truly believe that body sugaring is the best method for hair removal. It is the safest, least painful, and most effective way of removing unwanted hair in my honest opinion, but you definitely should give it a try and let me know your thoughts :- ).

I have been waxing my body for nearly 10 years but I never find it to be less painful than the previous time because now matter how you swing it, getting hair removed can be painful, especially in very delicate areas! However, here are a few tips to prepare yourself before your next appointment:

  • Choose an Estitician who has experience! That is why I went to Cleo Sugaring in La Jolla
  • Drink 8-16 oz. of water before you session
  • Do no go before or during your menstrual cycle
  • Skip the cocktail
  • Exfoliate before your appointment
  • Ensure that your sugar wax is only Organic sugar, honey, lemon & water
  • Bring a teddy bear if you must, just kidding :- )

I found Cleo Sugaring in La Jolla which turns out to be the only place in San Diego that is truly entirely Organic, so I signed up right away!

I Choose Cleo Sugaring because:

  • San Diego’s only 100% Natural & Organic Sugaring studio.
  • Made with just 3 ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon & Water.
  • Hair can be removed after just 4-7 days of growth after shaving but I have not shaved in over 10 years so this is a great option if you are trying to stop shaving.
  • Sugaring does not stick to live skin cells which is huge for your skin’s health! Sugaring only removes dead skin cells to prevent any risk of tearing. This is also why your skin feels so DANG soft after your treatment. WIN/WIN!
  • It exfoliates off every spec of dead skin.
  • Sugar paste is lukewarm, not hot like wax, which prevents burning and irritation of skin. Especially if you are sensitive like Moi.
  • After sugaring, only organic oils are applied for added moisture.
  • After continued use, the hair follicle starts to deplete which leads to permanent removal and it will become less painful with each session, trust me!

Which Part of My Body Did I Remove Hair From?

I decided to start out with my armpits, half-leg & Brazilian. YEP, that is right, I went all in BABY! Honestly, I wish that I had done everything at once, full-body sugaring, because I walked out feeling so dang smooth and I could (literally) see and feel the difference between the areas that I had the treatment vs. where I did not have the treatment. There is such an obvious difference in the texture of skin, how much it glows, how soft it feels and how smooth it looks.

Elizabeth was a dream come true and totally kept my brain busy in deep conversation during the entire process. She is super knowledgable on holistic and organic health/wellness so I just chatted it up with her for the entire hour. Typically, sugaring does not take that long we covered a lot of surface area so that meant a longer appointment.

How Long Does it Last?

Sugaring lasts the same as waxing but it totally depends on the time it takes for your hair to re-grow, as no two people’s are alike. After switching my diet to Paleo and starting to follow an organic lifestyle in 2016, I noticed that all of the hair on my body was growing 2x as fast as before. However, I did not complain because I was suffering from major hair loss in 2016 & 2017 so when my hair started growing back and at such a rapid rate, I embraced it with open arms.

Coupon Code-

Leslie is the CEO of Cleo Sugaring and has been kind enough to offer a discount for all of YOU! Be sure to mention that you were referred by Paleotrails and she will offer 2 Brazilians for $75 & 25% off any facial for all new clients. That is so generous!

For all of my fellaz out there, don’t feel left out because they can offer treatments for Men as well. Just inquire during your booking and remember to mention Paleotrails.

Location & Booking-

Cleo Sugaring is located in the charming community of Birdrock, La Jolla and the information to book an appointment with Leslie is below. For prices or more info, head to her website here.

Text for appointments: 310-663-0678 code paleotrails saves 25% OFF all facials and 2 brazilians for $75 for first-time clients!

Located at: 7655 Girard Avenue #107 La Jolla, CA 92037