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Wellness is not something you do, there is no set template, rules or instructions to follow. It is learned through trial and error, mistakes, it is how you live! It permeates through your home, style, behaviors, opinions and the way you move in the world. ~Steven Humphrey

By focusing on basic daily components such as sleep, stress management, exercise, community (personal relationships) and your personal connection with mother nature, you are creating the healthiest lifestyle that is possible for yourself. No one can tell you how many hours of sleep you will need to feel well rested or how you might react to bad news. Only YOU can control those factors in your life and how much they can affect you positively or negatively is within your own control.

It can be so difficult to see positivity when the world around us feels so negative and broken. Instead, you are encouraged to take the smallest steps towards change just one day at a time. Changing our lives for the better is not meant to be a sprint, it is a marathon and will not change in the blink of an eye. Give yourself grace, love and compassion during this part of your healing journey and embrace the lessons that lye ahead of you.

Stress: Reframe Your Perspective

stress release

Friends- I am not entirely sure how to begin writing this article but I am just going to start. I never really knew or understood what stress was until it was staring back at me in the mirror. Yes, HIVES! It was all over my body from head-to-toe and the worst was on my face. […]

Aubrey’s Health Journey – Part I


My health journey dates back to my childhood, growing up with eczema. Most of the time it was contained, under control and never spread beyond small patches on my arms and legs. I’ve used all different types of hydro cortisone creams and always followed the Dr.’s orders especially when my skin would flare during a […]

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