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We are Steve & Aubrey, here to show you how easy it is to eat real-whole foods all while getting your feet dirty and exploring the world, so join us on our adventures!

We met in March of 2015 at a networking event and realized within one week of dating that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives exploring the world together, sharing endless memories of laughter, love and supporting one another along the way. Our story is pretty A-typical where boy meets girl, they fall in love and hope to live happily ever after until one day when Boy gets diagnosed with Gout and thus begins the first chapter of their health journey. A few months later, Girl develops chronic illness overnight and thus begins chapter two that will eventually be the inspiration behind Paleo Trails.


We are both extremely adventurous, curious and can never sit still for too long but when our health issues got the best of us, we knew there had to be another solution that did not involve popping pills for the rest of our lives. Trail-running, backpacking, exploring, traveling and just living our lives the way we wanted to was put on pause because of chronic illness and we had enough of it!

“What did you two do about it?” you may ask. Well, that is why we created Paleo Trails - to chronicle, document and share with all of our readers the steps we took on our healing journey, so let’s go!


Aubrey Kwong

Chief Paleo Trailer

Yo, I'm Aubs!

I am a world-wide explorer and trail runner encouraging you to embrace a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Let's get our feet dirty!


Steven Humphrey

Chief World Explorer

Hey Friends, I'm Steve!

A Mechanical Engineer turned world-wide explorer, health enthusiast and supporter of Aubs.

Let's get our feet dirty!

Our Latest Whereabouts


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